Make the Return

All the presents have been opened. The last Christmas cookie has been eaten. The tree is dropping needles all over the wood floor; and you go back to work in the morning. Bummer, right?

It’s hard to return to office routines after the holidays. We’ve enjoyed late-night games of chess or pinocle, seen the new movie releases — eaten, drank and made merry with no thought to alarm clocks, deadlines or unfinished projects on the job.

Why can’ t we linger here a little longer?

Even the shepherds had to go back to work. The herald angels found them on the job that first Christmas — out in the field watching over their flocks.  They were told a Savior had been born in Bethlehem, and they set out to see for themselves. But the shepherds didn’t camp at the manger anymore than we can.

They returned to the fields where their flocks were waiting.  They went back to work.

Each of us has a field of influence and responsibility. Maybe it’s sitting in front of an office computer, seeing patients in a hospital, caring for children  in daycare, managing loans at a bank or moving mail at a post office.

Wherever we’re expected in the morning, what will be our attitude on arrival?  The shepherds returned to work, “glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen.”

We’ve enjoyed bounty and blessing this Christmas. Why not imitate the shepherds, and take a spirit of gratitude back to work?

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