About the Writer

I’m a former print journalist whose day job is “financial health.” That’s corporate-speak for helping people understand and maximize their employee benefits. It is not a job for the faint-hearted. I’ve been married to the same awesome IT guy for 31 years and counting and am the insanely proud mom of three beautiful and brainy young adults – a poet, an Army man and a scholar/athlete.

Insanely proud because medically I should not have children. Even after fertility surgery, I remained barren until some church ladies, who were in the habit of praying Mondays at noon, asked God to give us children. My children are my reminder that God still answers prayer and performs miracles. I’m a Christ follower who seeks to live where faith meets life. Join me on the journey.*

* I began blogging almost 10 years ago under the title “Walking Across Egypt,” now re-branded as BringFaith2Life. My mission is to do everyday life in a way that reflects faith in Jesus Christ. I want a faith that works in the real life world of annoying neighbors, angry bosses, ungrateful children, overloaded schedules, stubborn wills and sudden bills and responsibilities that come out of nowhere.  “The just shall live by faith.” Habbakkuk 2:4b

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