Let it go

The New Year already starting to look pretty much like the old one — like you’ll be giving your life away a piece at a time to people who think you’re an idiot and the source of all their problems?

I’m right there with you. But whose life is it anyway?

Christians give our lives away the moment we trust Christ as Savior. In the Great Exchange, Christ takes our sinful, screwed up lives and gives us His holy one. Our lives become a “living sacrifice” as we die daily. Crucified, yet we live.

Our lives are not our own. Most days I’m glad of that. I didn’t much like my old life. But the demands of the exchanged life can chafe when I’m sleep-deprived, over-committed or just plain bored.

It’s easy to want some part of life I can call my own. Jesus is having none of that.  As the book “My Heart-Christ’s Home” aptly illustrates, Jesus is not interested in renovating a few rooms of my life or yours. He wants complete ownership.

The early disciples understood this. Called away from families and familiar occupations, they struggled with the finality of following: “We’ve left everything to follow you.” The unspoken question: Is the sacrifice going to be worth it?

Jesus promised a hundred-fold return in this age – with persecutions – and eternal life in the age to come. Guaranteed ROI.

So I’m letting go and considering the sacrifice a long-term investment. Whatever our losses, Jesus has promised to make us whole.

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